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 My Worst Nightmare! *Şarkı Sözü*

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Kayıt tarihi : 27/06/08

MesajKonu: My Worst Nightmare! *Şarkı Sözü*   Cuma Haz. 27, 2008 10:48 pm

My Worst Nightmare!

I should've known better not to wait around
why did i come home because I hate it here
I should've known better not to wait around
I'm getting rid of my phone, and I made it clear
I should've known better not to wait around

i never did, never did i ever love any one other than you
but secretly i always want to see you cry
So I push you until you do
now check out

I Shouldn't have ever came to you insisted for me to
because you lie and didn't mean to
You took it back beacuse you thought I'd make it work
never did but i maent to. I give up.

I never did what you said that I did when i was gone for so long
I never said what you did was either right or wrong.
it's wrong, you dreamt of him

If you trust me adjust me find the words that will find these feelings
roll your eyes when you look at me
hard to talk when you're staring at the sealing
Pursue pushing baby everything went badly lately
be there when you close your eyes hold you tight say goodnight


I needed someone to talk to
And you needed me to hold you

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My Worst Nightmare! *Şarkı Sözü*
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